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Many leaders are "Leading Sick" and not being conscious to how much time and money this is costing them. When you "Lead Well" you have increased energy, brain function, emotional control, focus, creativity, resilience, superior decision making, and many other qualities that make you an effective leader. When you lead sick, you don't feel like leading and do not possess the great qualities it takes to be an effective leader. Being sick is not just having the flu, a cold, virus, or an infection, it includes all the diseases we participate in such as heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, cancer, stroke, obesity, sinusitis, back and neck problems, headaches, digestive issues, and many more. Most of these diseases can be prevented and you do not have to participate in them. It is important to lead by example and set the standards on preventing disease and showing up each day being your best, plus modeling mental and physical fitness.

Please visit the Drop-down list under "Lead Well" and learn how to be Fit, Mentally and Physically and keep disease at bay. Lead Well to Lead a healthy initiative and become more profitable and set the example for all your employees to follow.

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