Kirby Lammers

Mind, Body and Business

Executive Success Coaching

Houston, Texas

Kirby's Bio

Kirby Lammers is a dynamic, passionate and caring professional, who seeks to make a positive difference in today’s business climate. His credentials include over 1,000 appearances on many local and national television shows along with interviews on countless radio shows, plus hosting his own radio and television show. Kirby has more than 25 years of experience in executive leadership, management, coaching, training, sales, wellness, retail strategy, and professional speaking.  His audiences call him an “Inspirtainer” and he shows up for life each day being the best he can possibly be. Kirby is an “Overcomer” and maintains a positive spirit after surviving death, 40 major disasters in one year and many other life challenges. He speaks from his heart and experiences to make a positive difference in today’s world. Kirby sets the example for leaders and strategic partners by demonstrating high ethical standards, integrity, plus moral and value-based relationship building.

Kirby is an Executive Leadership, Business, Health, and Life Coach, the Owner and Published Author of Mind, Body and Business, “Building Next Generation Leaders” and is focused on leading and increasing the quality of performance, efficiency, productivity, memory retention, brain function, prevention of disease, enhanced energy and providing a positive shift in business culture behavior.

Under Kirby’s leadership, he took a leading company to exponential growth by multiplying the company six-times the annual revenue and has demonstrated the ability to partner with key business and city leaders to impact success and memorable achievements.

Recognition's and Contributions: Kirby has Chaired the Leadership Initiative Board at the University of Houston Bauer College of Business, Board Vice President and Camp Supervisor for “Champions Kids Camp”, founded by Nashville entertainers and song writers Bill and Kim Nash, President of the Memorial Exchange Club and a professional speaker, musician and entertainer.

Kirby lives with desire and passion to build Next Generation Leaders and Sustainable Success to impact businesses with productive employees, work - life balance, values, ethics and integrity within the workplace and family units.​​

Kirby Leads By Example

Executive Success Coaching for: Leadership, Business, Communications, Health and Life