Executive Success Coaching for: Leadership, Business, Communications, Health and Life 

Are you tired of learning the same old things over and over?  Many times when you read a new self-help book or hire a coaching service, you tend to learn re-packaged information.  Mind, Body and Business provides, fresh, new, next generation coaching information and techniques. The time has come to learn new skills that you have never been exposed to before.  Below is a list of the Mind, Body and Business Coaching Services; keep in mind the services subject line may look familiar, however the information and techniques are brand new.  

​Let's your build your future together!

The coaching process is simple.  We set an appointment for a mutual interview.  It is important we make a mutual bond of trust connection.  After establishing a trusting connection and want to continue, I provide an assessment to determine the needs for you and your company.  I will customize my coaching to fit your specific needs, wants, and your schedule.  We will then make a decision on the best pricing schedule and customized package which is a fit your needs and business.  I always remain flexible and easy to work with.  My clients feel like I am part of their team and family.  I open up my coaching to serve you and anyone else in your company you feel has a need for coaching.  Being coached is a fun and enlightening process you will always look forward to.   

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Executive SUCCESS Coaching Process

Kirby Lammers

Mind, Body and Business

Executive Success Coaching

Houston, Texas

Executive Coaching Services:

With our 360 Degree High Performance Coaching, we coach all 5 prongs and 8 sections below, representing the key areas of your whole life to raise awareness, focus and balance.   A balanced life equals a highly successful you, life and business.  

360 Degree Executive Leadership, Coaching and Development

Communication Skills - (Verbal, Non-Verbal, Written and Listening Skills)

Speaking Skills - (Includes Training and Seminar Speaking)

Leading and Facilitating Effective Meetings that Produce Desired Outcomes 

Creating and Maintaining New Winning Habits

Self Awareness, Accountability, Discipline and Control

Leading Your Time to Deliver the Best Time Management

Controlling Your Emotions and Temper

Image Consulting Designed to Express Who you are and Where you are headed

Daily Preparation Exercises, Mental Aerobics and Worksite Exercises at your Desk

Health and Wellness Coaching (For Work and Home, Prevention vs. Intervention Techniques)

Nutritional Education and Meal Planning (Customized with foods you like)

Utilizing Leadership as a Business Strategy

Problem Solving and Pre-solving Techniques

​Creative Thinking, Vision and Implementation Strategies

Interviewing and Hiring the Right People to Start With

Sales Excellence Training

The Pull Factor - (the Art of People Magnetization and Law of Attraction)

Sustainable Organization Skills

Culture Building and Engagement with Employee Retention Programs

Leading Change

Building Leaders within Your Organization

Philanthropy - (The Art of Giving Back)

Ergonomics Study and Recommendations

LIfe Coaching along with Building and Maintaining Work-Life Balance

Goal Setting that Delivers the Results you Desire

Leading Stress out of Your Life

Utilizing Mentoring Practices to Build a Better You

Emotional Intelligence

How to Read People

Negotiation Skills 

Remembering Names and Faces

Resolving Conflict

Setting Employee Culture and Behaviors You Desire

​Financial and Investment Coaching